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In order to make this conference a special event for both attendees and the community, we are developing a Volunteer Group!

There will be an orientation and when accepted into the group, you will fill out a Survey to place you in the BEST role where you will be happy.

Please know some roles will be more popular than others so please be flexible!



Who will I be helping?

You will be helping cNFTcon attendees, vendors, and the Buffy Bot team! It will be fun and exciting!

How many shifts is the minimum commitment?

One 3-hour shift, but you can sign up for many!

Will I get training?

Yes, we will offer an orientation and training to prepare you for the role. How much training you need, will depend on the role.

How old do you have to be?

You have to be 18 or older.

How are Volunteers rewarded?

We have a lot of secret, special ways that we will ABSOLUTELY reward the Volunteer teams. The more you do, the more you are rewarded!

Do I need special qualifications?

No. The main qualification is to be fun, friendly, and committed to having a great conference! However, if you DO have special qualifications, please let us know.

How do I sign up for my shifts?

After orientation and meetings, we will have a sign-up sheet and all shifts will be first come, first serve!

How do I get started?

Fill out our Volunteer Sign-up Form and agree to the vision of being a volunteer and, if chosen, we will reach out to you.

How many hours in a shift?

3 hours

Do I have to volunteer for an entire day?

No. You can sign up for 3 hours shifts, as many as you want. The minimum is ONE 3-hour shift.. However, if you would LIKE to volunteer all day, we can accommodate you.

What if I don’t like the role I’ve been assigned?

We will give everyone a chance to tell us what your passion is and we will base your assignment based on these answers. Please be honest and we will do our very best to match you to an ideal role for you, however, if you find you do not like it, we can discuss other options.

Do I get my expenses paid?

No, we hope that people who are going anyway and would like to volunteer. However, we will not reimburse you for travel.

How many Volunteers will be on the team?

We are starting with 20. However, if we need more, we will let the community know! Tell your friends and we will try to pair folks together, if possible!

Can I just show up at cNFTcon and volunteer?

Unfortunately, no. Our Volunteers will be participating in many meetings before the meet-up so that we can function as effectively as possible. Our vision is to build a core team that can come back year after year and is a strong cohesive team!

What if you didn’t answer my question with this FAQ?

Please email [email protected] and I will respond asap.